What do you mean you’ve never thrown an axe before?!

How long do we get to throw?

Your time in the pit will be one hour and fifteen minutes.
15 minutes for an orientation which includes rules and practice throwing an axe. After orientation you get one hour of throw time. broken up into several games.

Do you need a big group to make a reservation? or can we book a private pit?

Maximum players per pit is 12 players. If you are small group of 5 or less players you can still book as as long as you don’t mind possibly throwing with strangers. You can reserve a private pit with just 6 players and still add an additional 6 players.

Can I rent the entire venue?

Groups of 30 or more please please contact us at 718-361-9152 or email us at info@indoorextremesports.com

Can we come as a walk on the same day?

We always recommend making a reservations especially on weekends as we are often booked out. We recommend calling or checking the availability online and reserving the spot that same day.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable but we do require Closed toe shoes.

Is there an age limit?

No one under 12 years of age admitted. 12-17 years of age require an adult/guardian present for every 3 players.

What is the lateness policy?

All events at Indoor Extreme sports require that you arrive 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START TIME! If you arrive 5 or more minutes after your start time and do not have the pit to yourselves, you will not be allowed to join the range. No refunds will be given for late arrivals. If you have the pit reserved to yourselves, you can still keep your reservation but your time will still end at the original end time. We cannot extend time due to lateness etc.